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Vigil|  Mechanical

Bali Tiger

Problematic Flasher

Dusky Seaside Sparrow

Fire Millipede From Hell...

One human. 26,000 animals. Vigil is an intimate, interspecies meditation on mass animal disappearance; a physical, tragicomic poem about a changing planet Earth. 

Made in conversation with zoologists from UCL, this is a solo show in development by Tom Bailey, following Mechanimal’s 2018 Herald Angel award-winning 'Zugunruhe'. Created with Guy Jones (Orange Tree/RSC), Pip Hambly (1927’s Golem), composer Andrew Cooke (Saltings/Noizubito), Tara Silverthorn (Eleven Farrer House), Will Leighton and Limbic Cinema.

As well as the lighting, Will Leighton programmed the Audio and video on Qlab, including edge-blending 2 projectors into one image.

Director: Tom Bailey (Mechanimal)

Video: Tom Newell (Limbic Cinema)  

Photo Credit:  Chelsea Cliff (BOV Studio)

Tiu Makkonen (Summer Hall)

🏆  -  Summerhall Lustrum Award

⭐⭐⭐⭐ - The Scotsman ⭐⭐⭐ - The Herald ⭐⭐⭐ - The List ⭐⭐⭐ - Fest ⭐⭐⭐ - Arts Desk

Queen C*nt | China Bluefish and Deborah Ward
A riotous Feminists sketch show touring the South West and London.
In an age where passing trends compel some to surgical operation, where mainstream porn has hijacked sensuality, we delve into the wild waters of womanhood, reclaiming the body in a joyful, dark & often anarchic exploration.

This is the quest of two comedic female performers to tell it how it has never been told before!

Discovering what is left that really is sacred and feminine, and what exactly is profane?
Will Leighton also oversaw the projection mapping at each venue.
⭐ - The Express
⭐ - The Skinny
Pacifists and Protesters| Gloucester Theatre Company

Derby 1918. On the basis of fabricated evidence, Alice Wheeldon is sent to prison for 15 years for attempting to assassinate the Prime Minister. Her real crime: sheltering young men, voiding being conscripted to the armed forces. Alice’s story is a powerful human drama, exposing how far the British government will go to thwart the freedom of its citizen to oppose war. It is a stirring and relevant tale, brought to you by The Gloucester Theatre Company with their usual blend of imaginative staging, bewitching music and stunning choreographed movement.

Cotswold Playhouse, Stroud

Redgrave Theatre, Bristol

Parabola Theatre, Cheltenham

Photo Credit:   Fritz Curzon

Zugenruhe| Mechanimal

his show explores the incredible flight of a marsh warbler, the world’s only bird whose song echoes its migration route. Body-compasses, magnetic fields, African sunsets, star-chasing, storm-riding, homing… Zugunruhe offers a wild, fresh look at migration.

Supported by The Leverhulme Trust, UCL, Arts Council England and the Red Brick Building.

Herald Angel award winner, Edinburgh Fringe 2018.

“Unusual, utterly compelling solo show” – **** The Herald

“Extraordinary… moving and enlightening” – The New Scientist

Photos by Axel Stachora and  Elisabeth Jäschke

🏆  -  Herald Angel Award 2018

Much Ado About Nothing| Paul McCarntey Auditorium, Liverpool

Set in Club Messina, a near-future elite establishment where Don Pedro's party have come to celebrate their election victory.


Director: Richard Fitch

Set and Costume Design: Camille Etchart and Fran Horler

Photo Credit: Sam Heath and Camille Etchart

3 Winters| Sennheiser Studio Theatre
Against a backdrop of Political Turmoil between 1945 and 2011 three generations of increasingly educated and Independent women in the Kos family argue, adapt, fall in and out of love.  The only constant being the family home.
Director: Stephen Buckwald
Costume: Molly Davies
Set: George Lewis
Photo Credit: Sam Heath
Candide| Sennheiser Studio Theatre
Mark Ravenhills response to Voltaires famous critique of optimism. The play follows two narratives; Candide on his journey to find his love Cunagonde, the other a story of a woman who suffers a traumatic event involving mass murder.
Directed by Judith McSpadden
Set George Lewis
Costume: Fran Davies
Photo Credit: Sam Heath

End of the World (Caberet)| The Station, Bristol

Working with Palomar Theatre Company and emerging artists from Creative Youth Network’s alumni and Temple Records project,

The End Of The World (Cabaret) brings together responses and opinions on the current world we live in. 

From the sublime to the ridiculous, the beautiful and grotesque, the current world we live in has left many feeling a certain level of dread, yet humanity will prevail…… it has to. 

Using music, performance, theatre and dance, the stories you hear and the voices telling them are all young people aged 14 to 25 years old in response to this. The evening will be hosted, performed and produced by young people from Bristol’s communities.

Photography: Will Leighton

More Manet for Your Monet| The Courtyard Theatre London
Directed by Leigh Kelly
Written and Performed by Clay Theatre and Film
Photo Credit: Clay theatre and Film