Immersive Gallery

Four Walls| Sennheiser Studio Theatre
Co-Created with Camille Etchart we produced, built, designed our own immersive theatre experience for two.
Participants must solve escape game style challenges taking clues and solutions from the environment. Lighting effects also where used as a story telling and problem solving device.
Photo Credit: Camille Etchart
139 Copeland Road| Copeland Road, Peckham
139 Copeland Road was an truly immersive experience in which our audience engaged the troubled history of the house. The audience, lead by a medium, aim to confront  the tales of sightings and and mysterious "chatter" at its source.
The company employed lots of skills in "Dark Arts" we have acquired from theatre to create an experience that the audience would find difficult to explain or draw lines between reality and simulation.
Abbey Normal Theatre Company
Written and Created by Gavin and Jason Fox and Richard Johnson
Directed by Christine Harris.
🏆  -  ScareCON Annual Recognition Awards: Best Out of Season Haunt 2017
Blue Fairy Party| Lincolnshire

This Installation surrounded the forest rave area.  The trees were planted 100 years ago by the Festival organiser's Grandfather and it was a real privilege to show them off in this way.  I positioned the lights and chose colours with the aim of highlighting their endlessly interesting features, beauty and power.

Blue Fairy Party

Photo Credit: Camille Etchart and Will Leighton

Behind Bars @ BoomTown Festival

Together with Set Designer Emily Trott we built an interrogation room for participants of BoomTowns famous Immersive Maze. In it we rigged bright 4x4 lights that Actors could use at the touch of a button to dazzle  participants.

Will also designed and installed a microphone system that relayed distorted audio to audience looking through the window.

Photo Credit: BoomTown